Progressive Die Stampings

Stewart EFI produces a wide variety of progressive die stampings for a broad range of industries and is recognized as an innovative, reliable and well-respected supplier of complex components. Within the progressive die tooling we offer flat steel stampings, complex shapes, drawing, coining, shaving, quasi-fine blanking, reel-to-reel components, in die tapping and assembly.

Stewart EFI offers progressive die stamping at its multiple locations and has over 70 high speed presses including Minster stamping presses and Bruderer stamping presses with up to 200 ton capacity.

The benefits of utiliizing the progressive die stamping process include:

  • Very high rates of running speeds
  • The ability to produce multiple rows of parts per press stroke
  • Typically quicker set-up times
  • Higher press tonnage rates for heavier materials

The benefits of utilizing Stewart EFI for your progressive die stamping applications:

  • Engineering and design support to jointly design or redesign your component to minimize cost, maximize quality and facilitate the quickest and easiest application of the stamped component into your product (VA / VE)
  • Extensive pre-production planning and analysis (APQP)
  • Dedicated and separate new tooling development and production tooling maintenance areas to facilitate evaluation
  • Robust designs including precise strip and part control and utilizing design to cost principles.
  • Dies are designed with modular and often interchangeable components made of carbide to increase run sizes, reduce maintenance time and therefore minimize non-value added down time
  • Utilization of sophisticated electronic, mechanical, optical and magnetic sensors for die protection, defect detection and part measurement as well as integrated press monitoring systems to ensure part quality
  • Lowest total cost stamped components in the industry
  • Long term high quality consistency.
  • Quicker response time and shorter deliveries.
  • Extensive highly skilled and experienced technical and support staff.
  • Tools guaranteed for life of part.
  • In-die tapping or threading of one or more holes for parts later requiring screw insertion.
  • Ability to automatically attach, in-die, two or more components through mechanical staking or welding.

Progressive Die Stamping Process

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